Who we are!

The Rock of Ages Ministries (TRAM) is an outreach ministry that is burdened for church revival and advancing Christian faith. It has a calling to ignite revival in the church, through sound teachings and prayers, as an instrument for perfecting the saints and making disciple of all nations in obedience to the last command.

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Our Story

Historically, the Ministry was born in the year 1994 by the gathering of four 100 level students in a higher institution of learning, the School of Health Technology Ilesa, now College of Health Technology, Ilesa Osun State. These four students became burdened and zealous for righteousness to reign and prevail on their campus. They gathered together weekly on Thursdays for intercessory prayer meeting with fasting. This went on, until June 16/17, during one of their prayer meetings, this time a vigil. The Lord spoke in a prophecy on what He was calling them into and gave the name for the Ministry in that prophecy. Revival broke forth through them on the campus and in the neighbourhood that hosted them in Ilesa, Olomilagbala, Imelu Bolorunduro area. The revival spread into churches and God used them to organize church revival meetings in the existing churches in the environment. The churches and the ministers of God gave them hand of fellowship and there was tremendous bonding of the churches through their programmes. The membership of the ministry grew from the four persons among the students on campus year by year. The ministry commenced village outreaches in the year 1998. The ministry reached out to the adjourning villages of Ilesa, which include; Iyemogun, Epe, among others. This outreach proceeded outside of Ilesa to other small communities in Osun State. In the year 2000, after 5 years of existence of the Ministry. The Lord spoke to the leadership from Psalms 50 and precisely verse 5, “Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.” This gave birth to an annual convention that holds every August, that is tagged “SAINTS CONVENTION”. This convention made a tremendous impact among the churches. Ministers and churches came together for teaching and prayer conference. Declaring the truth and undiluted word of God. There were testimonies and confirmation of the word of God with miracles.The Ministry organized, prayer retreats annually in January, second/third weekend, which as at then followed the calendar of the school. During this prayer retreat, which were mostly held on a prayer mountain in Ilesa.  Special sessions on marriages and seminars were part of the packages of the two nights, three days retreat.Members of the ministry are spread across nations and cities. After graduation from the school, they went back to be a blessing and instrument of righteousness in their various local churches. As workers and many of them are ministers of God and leaders of movements today.For several years, the activities of the ministry were affected by the volatile nature of the members, who were basically students and after graduation went back to their locations outside the ministry base. Gathering together became more challenging because many of them are now committed to their churches and their families.

Founding members of the ministry as students are: